Development of the register

Krigsseilerregisteret: a work in progress

The development of Krigsseilerregisteret is extensive and time-consuming; the process of registration of seafarers will last for several years (a task mainly performed by volunteers). As we progress, there will be increasingly more contents added. We hope that visitors of this website have understanding and patience considering that the information about a seafarer you are searching for might not be available at first.

Krigsseilerregisteret is administered by Stiftelsen Arkivet, in cooperation with Lillesand Sjømannsforening and other Norwegian seafarers’ associations. Krigsseilerregisteret is funded by Samlerhuset Norge and by donors from all over Norway. The National Archives of Norway has contributed with archival sources for the registration of seafarers.

Krigsseilerregisteret is part of Sjøhistorie and shares graphical user interface (database):

About Krigsseilerregisteret:

The purpose of Krigsseilerregisteret is to be a national, digital register that includes all Norwegian men and women that sailed in the Norwegian merchant fleet during the Second World War 1939-1945: when Norway was neutral 1939-1940, in the Norwegian merchant fleet abroad and in the home fleet controlled by the German occupiers of Norway 1940-1945. Moreover, Norwegian seafarers in the Norwegian Royal Navy and Allied navies will be registered, as well as seafarers in Allied and neutral merchant fleets 1939-1945. Foreign seafarers that sailed in the Norwegian merchant fleet abroad and in the home fleet will also be included in the register. Each seafarer will receive his/her own webpage in Krigsseilerregisteret. The register will as far as possible document their history.

Topics pages:

As part of our work documenting war sailor history, we will in this section deal with topics related to the merchant seafarer’s war. This will vary from background information about the seafarers, who they were and the ships on which they sailed, to medals awarded during and after the Second World War. As we make progress registering new seafarers, the database will start to contain a broader foundation of information from which we can generate interesting statistics. The statistics will be presented here in the topics pages. We will also organize mini-projects with the aim of making relevant magazines, books and journals available online. Historians at Stiftelsen Arkivet assure the quality of the articles on the topic pages.

School pages:

In this section, we will present web-based teaching resources tied to war sailor history for teachers of lower and upper secondary school. The teaching resources will be a resource when teaching the history of the Second World War in Norway and in the World, and will give insight into the practice of using sources and source criticism.