Maritime inquiry 1939 - 1945

The information below regarding ships in the Nortraship fleet is a direct transcript of the original source "Sjøforklaringer fra andre verdenskrig (1940 - 1945)". The informasjon is collected from maritime inquiries held during and right after the war. The information may differ from the other quality assured information in Krigsseilerregisteret.

July 4, 1942
Kapret [av tysk raider]
Melbourne - Abadan
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  • Abstract

    January 15, 1943
    Major James George Douglas, T.D., konsul


    FIRST WITNESS. EDWARD EVARDSEN ... 3rd Engineer ...

    All went normally on the voyage until 4th July at about 7. am when the ship was attacked by a raider.

    He was in bed at the time and was awakened by the gun fire. The ship's gun was not fired. Fire from the raider ceased when he got on deck.

    The fire from the raider did not hit the "MADRONO" directly but many splinters fell, injuring two of the crew whose names he does not remember.

    Everyone was ready to get into the lifeboats when a signal came from the raider that he would be sending a prize crew on board.

    The Captain, Chioef Mate, Second Mate, Wireless Operator, 6 British members of crew, the two wounded Norwegians, the Cook and one Oiler were all taken over to the raider.

    Some stores were also taken from "MADRONO" to the raider.

    At about 1. pm the "MADRONO" set course for Japan and arrived at Yokohama early in August.

    All remained for three weeks on board the "MADRONO" in Yokohama.

    Then six members of the crew all Norwegians except one Swede and one Czeco-Slovak were sent over to the German M/S "REGENSBURG".

    On 26th August he was sent over the the German ss. "RHAKOTIS" with no others of ther crew of the "MADRONO" but with nine members of the crew of the M/S "HERBORG".

    The "MADRONO" left Yokohama early in September with a German crew as well as some of the original crew and some of the crew of the "HERBORG".

    It was stated that the "MADRONO" was going to load soya oil in a Northern Japanese port to go to Bordeaux.

    He knows nothing more of the "MADRONO", so far as he is aware there were no deaths and the two wounded were not seriously injured and are likely to recover.

    The "RHAKOTIS" to which he was transferred left Yokohama on 27th September and arrived in Batavia about the end of October.

    On 5th November the "RHAKOTIS" left Batavia for Europe.

    On the 1st January the alarm was sounded about 1500 hours and he was ordered to come up on deck, and then to get into the lifeboat.

    The lifeboat set sail for land and two days later was taken in tow by a Spanish trawler and arrived at Coruna on 3rd January.

    The British Vice-Consul arranged for him and 7 more Norwegians and one Swede to go to Madrid where on arriving he saw the Norwegian Acting Minister, Mr. Svenn Ebbell, and a British Naval Officer arranged for the whole party to travel to Gibraltar where he arrived on the night of the 10th January, where the Norwegian Consul took charge of him.