Ivar Carlo Carlsen

The information on registered seafarers is not in all cases complete. As new sources are studied, information on engagements and medals etc. will be added to some of the already registered seafarers.

Date of birth

September 9, 1919

Date of death

May 27, 2018


Clara Carlsen, Dølebakken 62, Sandefjord




Norway flaggNorway



Place of living





  • Participant in WW2
  • Ex gratia-arkivet:

    Registernummer under krigen: London 28921, NY 2298 og 12809.

    See "dokumenter" for history of his life at sea. Amongst other histories worth notice, in 1943 he worked for the Army Transport near Australia but wanted to go to the US for a job there instead. While onboard "Sebastian Cermeno" as an officer on the way to the US, the ship was torpedoed and he was among the survivors that made it with the last lifeboat out. They were later rescued by Australian destroyer "Quickmatch".

    No documentation of his engagements on foreign ships.

    Private archive:

    Engagements after the Second World War for the U.S. Army Transportation Corps service:  

    November 14, 1945 to June 6, 1946. Master. FS - 192.
    June 7, 1945 to October 7, 1946. Master. FS - 392. 
    October 8, 1946 to March 2, 1947. Master. FS - 408. 
    March 3, 1947 to May 6, 1947. Master. TY - 44.
    May 7, 1947 to June 6, 1948. 1st Off. IS T - 975.
    June 7, 1948 to June 13, 1949. Master. FS - 548.



    Sandefjords rulle A-4451.

    Private archive delivered to Arkivet Peace and Human Rights Center