Peder Marinius Paulsen

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Date of birth

December 23, 1919

Date of death

September 1, 1943Årsak: Disease


Peder Olai og Anna Elise Paulsen




Norway flaggNorway



Place of living





FiskerU.d.m. (Utskrevet dekksmann)


  • Participant in WW2
  • Londonregisteret:
    Registernummer under krigen: London: 45875.

    Flyktning fra Stockholm, ankom Storbritannia 17. februar 1943.

    Shetlandsgjengen. Heltene i Nordsjøen, s. 406:
    Innlemmet i Shetlandsgjengen: 00.3.1943, nr. c145.
    Antall turer: ---
    Overført annen virksomhet: Død 1.12.1943?

    Våre Falne:
    FØDT: 23.12.1919. FØDESTED: Salangen. DØD: 01.09.1943. DØDSÅRSAK: Spesialoppdrag. STED/SKIP: Nordsjøen.

    PAULSEN, PEDER MARINIUS, fisker, Salangen. Født 23. desember 1919 i Salangen, s. av Peder Olai Paulsen, f. 1891 8. st., og Anna Elise f. Andreasen, f. 1887 s. st. Dro til Sverige 1942, kom videre til England og tjenstgjorde som dekksmann i Marinen. Var flere turer i Norge med våpen og forsyninger. Ble syk på et tokt og døde 1. september 1943.

    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/1155/6:

    "On 9th April 1940 he was at Balstad, Lofoten, and went to Henningsvaer for the night, returning home on 11th April, via Svolvaer. He stayed at home, working on his father's farm, until May of that year, when he and his father went to Elvernes airfield, which was being constructed for the British. They worked there, clearing the ground, until two days before the capitulation, in the beginning of June, when they returned home.

    PAULSEN worked on his father's land until the beginning of July, when the lensmand [...] came to him and said that he had to get workers for the Germans, and suggested that it would be better to volunteer for this rather than be forced to it. PAULSEN, who states that [...] is a good Norwegian, agreed and went to Bardufoss aerodrome together with [...] from Salangen. There they worked on preparing the landing ground and later in the forests nearby, but as all the wood went to the Germans PAULSEN eventually left and returned home at the beginning of October 1940.

    He stayed at home for a fortnight and then heard that he could obtain work on the Elvernes aerodrome, so worked there until the beginning of December. He then returned home and worked on the farm until after Easter of 1941. He then applied for work, and was accepted, at Saetermoen as a stone worker until the last days of October 1941, when he went home for a spell, returning to Saetermoen at the beginning of May 1942, and remaining until Saturday 13th June 1942".

    "Their reason for wanting to escape was that they disliked working for the Germans and also they feared they would be called up for the Labour Service during the summer."

    "Port of embarkation: Stockholm per GAGDE aircraft. Port of arrival: Leuchars, 15.2.43."

    Sjøforsvarets londonarkiv:

    Antatt i Marinen: 8. mars 19+9+43, som: U.D.M.

    Sivil stilling:  Fisker

    Dimittert fra Marinen: død 1. september 1943.




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    The National Archives, Kew, HS 9/1155/6

    Sjøforsvarets londonarkiv ved Marinemuseet i Horten: P.29. Kort 321-322.