Johannes Marius Schorpen

The information on registered seafarers is not in all cases complete. As new sources are studied, information on engagements and medals etc. will be added to some of the already registered seafarers.

Date of birth

August 5, 1891

Date of death

February 13, 1965




Norway flaggNorway

Place of living

Kjelsåsvn. 105. Kjelsås




  • Participant in WW2
  • Award
    Date of award

    Going through new source material in order to document the war sailors and their history is an ongoing and extensive effort, and there exist no complete register over decorations awarded. Infomation about medals will therefore be registered gradually and be based on different source materials. The war sailors were awarded medals both during and after the war. Do you want to read more about decorations, then please study this page: Decorations