We have so far registered 65,340 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Frantz Wilhelm Laiho
Atti LaitinenSeptember 16, 1910Born in Oulo
Kee Lia Lak
Check Tong Lam
Tai Hong Lam
Wing LamBorn in Swatow
Ralph Horatio Lancaster
Harry LangshawBorn in Southampton
Muk Kam Lan
Aurillo LantiguaJune 11, 1911Born in Trujillo
Wang La(o)w
James LarkinJanuary 1, 1925
Christian LarsenSeptember 27, 1901
Hans LarsenNovember 26, 1887Born in Kristiansand
Lars Søndergaard LarsenJuly 12, 1915Born in Bodstad, Danmark
Willie (Willy) Helmer LarsenJuly 9, 1921Lived in Bøgø,
Aage (Åge) Henry LarsenFebruary 3, 1915Lived in Melby St, Helsingør
Lennart Larsson (Larson)November 15, 1909Born in Odesløv
Ronald LeaAugust 4, 1913Born in Southport
Ah Chal Lee
Ah Kaok Lee
Chai Thong Lee
Chiang Yang Lee
Chong Wong Lee1920Born in Singapore/Foochow
Choo Seng Lee