We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Anders PalmJune 20, 1912Born in Arendal
Anton Holm PaulsenDecember 2, 1889Born in Arendal
Jørgen Heldal PaulsenNovember 12, 1915Born in Lillesand
Paul Andreas PaulsenMay 14, 1890Born in Søndeled
Alexander PedersenAugust 4, 1876Born in Tromøy
Bjarne Johan PedersenNovember 9, 1892Born in Lillesand
Fritz Thorolf PedersenMay 13, 1914Born in Arendal
Odd PedersenJune 15, 1887Born in Grimstad
Petter Krohn PedersenFebruary 20, 1920Born in Flosta
Sofus Fischer PedersenApril 17, 1896Born in Grimstad
Tallak PedersenJune 14, 1887Born in Arendal
Trygve PedersenSeptember 20, 1901Lived in Arendal
Trygve PedersenJune 7, 1899Lived in Kolbjørnsvik, Arendal
Harald Osvald PettersenSeptember 23, 1919Born in Risør
Kristian Rudolf Agerup PettersenSeptember 24, 1893Born in Sem, Tønsberg
Karl Gustav PettersonFebruary 5, 1921Born in Arendal
Bjørgo PresthagenFebruary 2, 1916Born in Gjerstad