We have so far registered 64,631 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kyle LabarreareJuly 6, 1923
Raymunde LabatoJuly 17, 1912Born in Para
Gudny Margareth (Labekk Bøe) BergApril 14, 1915Born in Moss
Harald Kristian Labekk (Larsen)December 22, 1911Born in Kvam
V. Labo
Bertram LabrynNovember 11, 1915Born in Cape Town
Peter LabuchagneBorn in Johannesburg
F. B. LaceySeptember 29, 1912Born in Liverpool
Rowan LaceyNovember 26, 1895Lived in Dorchester Str. 54, St. John, N.B.
Roy LaceyOctober 21, 1922Born in Ottawa
Thomas LaceyApril 28, 1928Born in Walsall
Emile LachanceJuly 5, 1926Born in Quebec
Janes LacisAugust 29, 1909Lived in Jurkolnes Pag, Dikniekvs
Hubert LackJune 14, 1911Born in Crawshawsbooth
Chew Soo Lack (Lock)1901Born in Hainan
Alfred LaClaire (LeClaire)January 22, 1918Born in Canada
Francisco La CruezApril 26, 1888Born in Lisabon
Henrique Jose La CrusMarch 14, 1922Born in Pernambuce
John N. LacyöJanuary 7, 1922Born in Dublin
William LacySeptember 29, 1912Lived in 25 Gayhaust Crescent, Liverpool 11
H. LaddJune 6, 1922Born in London
Knut Andreas Anton LadeFebruary 8, 1885Born in Sykkylven
Bernard LadmanJune 1, 1919Born in Johannesburg
Clinton LadnerLived in Ellerslie, Prince Edward Isl.
George LadoucourJanuary 11, 1926Born in Midland, Ontario