We have so far registered 67,019 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Fredrik Wilhelm MagnussenMarch 7, 1893Born in Skedsmo
Eirik MalmJune 12, 1915Born in Oslo
Gunnar Julius Andreas MarcusMarch 24, 1912Born in Oslo
Julius Nicolay MarcusMay 20, 1884Born in Moss
Rolf Eugen MartinsenDecember 29, 1900Born in Oslo
Anton Julius MinsaasOctober 28, 1883Born in Verdal
Eivind MüllerOctober 8, 1905Born in USA
Anders Arnold MoFebruary 11, 1889Born in Oslo
Fritz Osvald Johan MoeJune 6, 1890Born in Oslo
Sigurd MoenAugust 2, 1907Born in Oslo
Johannes Jacobsen MollandJuly 11, 1885Born in Homedal
Reidar Johannes MonsenFebruary 14, 1901Born in Oslo
Ernst Georg Wolf MossMay 20, 1920Born in Oslo
Andreas Cathrinus Backer MossinJanuary 31, 1894Born in Rendalen
Knut MostadNovember 8, 1908Born in Oslo
Reidar Thorbjørn MyhreFebruary 2, 1904Born in Oslo