We have so far registered 66,965 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alfred Johan MalkenesOctober 3, 1894Born in Tysnes
Tormod MaskeOctober 18, 1897Born in Trondheim
Frithjof MathisenOctober 26, 1901Born in Trondheim
Gunnar Arne MjønesOctober 13, 1910Born in Hemne
Edvin Henry MoeSeptember 21, 1912Born in Trondheim
Halfdan Gaustad MunkebyeSeptember 15, 1899Born in Trondheim
August Albert MurvoldApril 15, 1900Born in Hitra
Egil Jacob MyhreMarch 14, 1906Born in Trondheim
Johannes MyhrSeptember 21, 1921Born in Strinda
Finn MyhrvikAugust 8, 1921Born in Trondheim
Nils Nilsen MølnaaJanuary 19, 1883Born in Namdalseid