We have so far registered 67,717 seafarers

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Participated in war


Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ronald MachinOctober 24, 1924Born in Melbourne, Australia
William MackeyFebruary 27, 1925Born in Subiaco, W.Australia
Malcolm John MacLean
Kenneth Patrick MacMahon
Ian Norman MacRae
Clarence MaddeganSeptember 28, 1921Born in Sydney, Australia
John H. MaherNovember 12, 1926Born in Brisbane, Australia
Robert Donald MainJune 18, 1927Born in Queenscliff, Vic.
William J. MakinJanuary 28, 1924Born in Sydney/Melbourne
Norman O. ManningApril 19, 1922Born in Adelaide, Australia
Adrian ManuelJuly 7, 1926Born in Armidale, NSW, Australia
Leslie R. MarchantAugust 6, 1924Born in Australia
Josef MaroranaApril 14, 1909Born in Melbourne, Australia
Anthony Joseph MarrAugust 1, 1911Born in Hull
Adrian Tyrell MarshallJanuary 7, 1924Born in Perth, W.Australia
Wilfred MarshallJune 7, 1926Born in Manly
R. A. Fell Marten
Eric William MartinNov 1927Born in Forbes
Frederick MartinOctober 7, 1922Born in Melbourne, Australia
John MartinFebruary 22, 1928Born in Inglewood
Emil MartschinkOctober 21, 1912Born in Australia
John MasonFebruary 2, 1918Born in Launceston, Tasmania
Roy G. MastersJune 12, 1924Born in Sydney, Australia
James E. Matson (Watson)January 9, 1927Born in Alberton,S. Australia
Frederick MatteyNovember 29, 1924Born in Sydney, NSW