We have so far registered 68,244 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Eivind MadsenJanuary 15, 1912Born in Nøtterøy
Eivind Winther MadsenJanuary 2, 1920Born in Holmestrand
Emil MadsenNovember 15, 1903Born in Tønsberg
Finn Ager MadsenSeptember 17, 1900Born in Tønsberg
Hans Adolf Bokeli MadsenJuly 26, 1917Born in Sem
Harald Edgar Lund MadsenJanuary 13, 1907Born in Strømm, Hurum
Harald Tordenskjold MadsenDecember 27, 1907Born in Tønsberg
Harry Wilton MadsenAugust 9, 1908Born in Tønsberg
Henry Olaf MadsenFebruary 4, 1915Born in Horten
Johan Thorleif MadsenMarch 27, 1903Born in Holmestrand
Karsten Brede MadsenSeptember 23, 1903Born in Nøtterøy
Reidar Nicolai MadsenNovember 27, 1914Born in Nøtterøy
Thomas Finnerud MadsenAugust 24, 1909Born in Horten
Trygve Finnerud MadsenMay 3, 1905Born in Horten
William MadsenDecember 16, 1916Born in Tønsberg
Altmar MagdahlJuly 19, 1893Lived in Nøtterøy
Trygve MagdahlOctober 25, 1915Born in Nøtterøy
Magne MagnesenOctober 16, 1889Born in Vega
Ove Holmelin MagnusenOctober 21, 1920Born in Nøtterøy
Arthur Lindahl MagnussenOctober 11, 1903Born in Nøtterøy
Emil Gotfred MagnussenDecember 19, 1890Born in Larvik
Erik Magnus MagnussenDecember 27, 1913Born in Sandefjord
Erling Bredahl MagnussenSeptember 28, 1922Born in Nøtterøy
Erling Magnus Horst MagnussenNovember 22, 1922Born in Tønsberg
Frithjof Steen MagnussenJuly 13, 1907Born in Oslo