We have so far registered 68,117 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Fredrik PackardOctober 24, 1923Born in London, England
Baresford Arth Pack1911
Allan PacockSeptember 12, 1926Born in West Dickham, England
Alfred PageBorn in Wales, England
Edward M. PageJanuary 4, 1925Born in Pewsey, England
Georg PageNovember 27, 1913Lived in 68 Moutross Cott, Loch Ore, Fife, England
William PageleApril 25, 1927Born in Guernsey, England
Michael PageFebruary 2, 1922Born in Devon, England
Sydney PageJanuary 19, 1910Born in London, England
William Page
Kenneth Howard PaigeMarch 26, 1924Born in Surrey, England
William Henry PainterJuly 2, 1919Born in London, England
Alfred PaintingSeptember 21, 1920Born in Enfield, England
George PalfremanOctober 4, 1925Born in Glasgow, Scotland
J. F. PalgraveOctober 23, 1922Born in Birmingham, England
Gordon PalingMay 23, 1921
Clement PallettJune 7, 1927Born in Hoxne, England
Anthony PalmerApril 8, 1925Born in London, England
Arthur PalmerDecember 1, 1915Born in London, England
Arthur Palmer
E. G. PalmerMay 11, 1922Born in South Wales, England
Eric PalmerJuly 6, 1927Born in Burnley, England
Frederick PalmerJanuary 1, 1917Born in London, England
George PalmerOctober 3, 1911Born in Achington, England
George PalmerJuly 7, 1916Born in Sheffield, England