We have so far registered 65,750 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Edward Baber1914Born in Eastbourne
T. Bachelor
Charles BackDecember 13, 1925Born in Bristol
L. C. BackenDecember 13, 1911Born in New Zealand
Tom BackhouseAugust 4, 1924Born in Oldham
Charles Backland1894Lived in 22 Croxteth road, Bootle, Liverpool
John BacklandOctober 23, 1925Born in Liverpool
Ronald Edward Back1918Born in London
Maurice G. C. BackwellNovember 17, 1927Born in Bristol
Cyril BaconJune 11, 1913Born in Sutton
George BaconAugust 28, 1924Born in Bridlington
John Richard BaconFebruary 8, 1924Born in London
Joseph BaconApril 23, 1923Lived in 24 King St., Normanton
James BagguleyLived in 19 Earl Street, Silverdale
John BagleyFebruary 18, 1923Born in Rotherham
Robert Bailay (Baley)March 5, 1924Born in Liverpool
Alfred W. BaileyJune 29, 1925Born in London
Arthur BaileyOctober 3, 1925Born in Brandford
Arthur BaileyJanuary 25, 1925Born in Cheetham
Arthur BaileyJanuary 24, 1913Born in Sheffield
Bernhard J. C. BaileyJuly 27, 1928Born in Cardiff
Bertram BaileyApril 9, 1923Born in Barking
D. V. BaileyJune 22, 1921Born in Tonyrefall
E. Bailey
James BaileyOctober 2, 1902Lived in 2-65 34 Street Astoria L.