We have so far registered 67,408 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Charles AbbottNovember 17, 1924Born in USA
Johnny (John) Edgar AbrahamsenAugust 30, 1916Born in Brooklyn, New York
Grant AckerlandOctober 2, 1918Born in Calumet, MI. USA
Thomas AddisonJuly 22, 1928Born in Boston, MAS, USA
Norman AkersSeptember 12, 1917Born in Riverton, USA
Rodne Adrian AlgerSeptember 8, 1921Born in Turlock, Stainslaus County, California, USA
Norman AliOctober 26, 1926Born in Amerika
William AlleyMay 26, 1900Born in Themes, New Zealand
Edwin Lee AllingSeptember 6, 1928Born in Oakland, California, USA
Harry John AmundsenFebruary 2, 1927Born in Jacksonville, Forida, USA
Agnar Karl AndersenApril 16, 1913Born in Lista
Anders Ivar AndersenAugust 18, 1896Born in Askim
Anders Lorentz AndersenJanuary 10, 1911Born in Tønsberg
Ragnar Hilfred AndersenMarch 25, 1905Born in Oslo
S. Perry AndersenJune 25, 1922Born in Langesund, Norge
Aksel Gustav AndersonAugust 28, 1914Born in Vardø
James AndersonJune 11, 1920Born in Dermott, AR, USA
Kenneth AndersonJuly 24, 1926Born in Arendal, Norge
Frank Anthony AquatereJuly 6, 1921Born in New York, USA
Dominick L. ArmocidoJuly 16, 1929Born in Colusa, USA
H. AronsonNovember 23, 1923Born in Oskland
Magnus Aska (Aske)April 22, 1908Born in Mosterøy, Stavanger
Carsten H. AsmusNovember 3, 1898Born in Oslo
Andreas AstadSeptember 9, 1899Born in Kristiansund N.
Melcor AugustApril 6, 1923Born in Los Lunes, USA