We have so far registered 68,113 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Lars Ingvald WagelsethMay 25, 1919Born in Ålesund
Aksel Mareno WalholmDecember 8, 1910Born in Kristiansund
Johnny Elias WalleApril 12, 1921Born in Aukra
Karl Ragnar WattøDecember 22, 1913Born in Ålesund
Elias Torvald WelsvikFebruary 4, 1906Born in Volda
Leif Wichberg LieJanuary 16, 1904Born in Kristiansund
Lars Edvard WiikOctober 10, 1879Born in Vestnes
Oddmund Reinhardt WiikJanuary 2, 1917Born in Ålesund
Ludvig Johan WoldDecember 2, 1893Born in Ålesund
Einar Larsen WollnickJune 14, 1901Born in Kristiansund
Arthur Valen WolsdalFebruary 17, 1915Born in Ålesund