We have so far registered 65,277 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alf Eugen JacobsenSeptember 14, 1914
Anders Jacobsen
Annar JacobsenMay 21, 1898Born in Tjøme
Birger Jacobsen
Birger Antoni JacobsenMarch 12, 1910Born in Nærøy i Namdal
Edvard Nikolai JacobsenSeptember 7, 1888Born in Hedrum
Hagbarth Johan JacobsenNovember 2, 1885Born in Skien
Hans Jacobsen
Jacob Andreas JacobsenDecember 13, 1920
Jens JacobsenJune 26, 1890Born in Brunlanes
John JacobsenMarch 31, 1920Born in Sandar
Karl JacobsenMay 13, 1900Born in Tjømø
Lauritz JacobsenSeptember 13, 1892Born in Brulanes
Ove John JacobsenApril 15, 1907Born in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Ragnvald Henry JacobsenSeptember 10, 1918Born in Gresvik
Rolf JacobsenSeptember 17, 1914Born in Sandefjord
Thorbjørn JacobsenFebruary 27, 1916Born in Oslo
Andreas Martin Jacobsen (tidl. Martinsen )December 7, 1886Born in Rygge
Torleif JacobsenOctober 3, 1887Born in Oslo
Frithjof Egil JahnsenSeptember 22, 1912Born in Slagen
Peder Simon JahnsenJuly 19, 1894Born in Brunlanes
Harald Kåre JahnsonSeptember 12, 1914Born in Slagen
Johan Mathisen JahreMay 26, 1881Lived in Sandefjord
Anders Huseby JakobsenNovember 24, 1901Born in Sandar
Arne JakobsenJuly 5, 1917Born in Sandefjord