We have so far registered 65,624 seafarers

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Participated in war


Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John M. CaddenAugust 10, 1926Born in Melbourne, Australia
Charles CageJune 3, 1923Born in Brisbane, Australia
Francis CahillOctober 3, 1919Born in Ballarat, Australia
John CahillDecember 19, 1927Born in Adeleide, Australia
John Mc. D. CaitnessMarch 21, 1923Born in Brisbane, Australia
Alexander CameronFebruary 16, 1923Born in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Alexander CameronOctober 12, 1919Born in Punchbove, Australia
Allan CameronDecember 10, 1916Born in Sydney, Australia
Allan D. CameronJuly 20, 1926Born in Sydney NSW, Australia
Colin CameronNovember 20, 1924Born in Adelaide, Australia
Collin Campbell CameronJune 20, 1917Born in Sydney, Australia
Frank V. CameronJanuary 10, 1916Lived in 1240 Hay Str., Perth, W.A., Australia
Kevin CameronSeptember 27, 1926Born in Sydney NSW, Australia
William CameronMay 12, 1925Born in Menningie
Alan Bruce CampbellMarch 27, 1927Born in Orange
David E. CampbellMay 4, 1927Born in Melbourne, Australia
Douglas CampbellDecember 30, 1924Born in Sydney, Australia
Kenneth D. CampbellMay 5, 1920Born in Coburg, Victoria, Australia
Henry CarkettJanuary 7, 1926Born in Ayr, Australia
Collin CarnMarch 4, 1926Born in Adelaide, Australia
Vincent CarnegilFebruary 26, 1927Born in Brisbane, Australia
John McLangton CarrolApril 23, 1910Born in Dunkeld
Stanley Gordon CarrNovember 30, 1924Born in Brisbane, Australia
John CarterMay 10, 1923Born in London, U.K.
Bryce Cashman (Cachman)March 4, 1925Born in Sydney, Australia