We have so far registered 61,127 seafarers

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Participated in war


Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Manuel Pereira CaetanoOctober 24, 1911Born in Portugal
Georg da Luiz CalaisMarch 30, 1910Born in Lisboa
Joao Rosa CandidoMarch 21, 1917Lived in Cova de Piedade das Borccas, Lisboa, Portugal
Jose CandidoApril 5, 1887Born in Portugal
Francisco Caravalho1918Born in Goa
Joaquin K. Cardos1902Born in Goa, India
José R. CardosoJanuary 10, 1911Born in Fermentelos
Manuel Fereira CartanoOctober 24, 1911Born in Oporto, Portugal
Sebastian CarvalhoLived in Shipping master, Bombay, India
Manuel CavalheireDecember 24, 1914Lived in Traverse Vereda 5, Oporto, Portugal
Antonio CerdeiraOctober 9, 1913Born in Oporto, Portugal
Antonio Fernandes CoelhoNovember 4, 1918Born in Portugal
Santon Cordoza1885Lived in Concolina Josegally Salsette Goa
R. D. Costa1893Born in Goa
Sebastio CostaMay 10, 1911Born in Fao
Aveline Da CostaFebruary 4, 1906Lived in Oporto
Carlos J. CoucolvesFebruary 22, 1903Born in Barcelos, Portugal
Martinho Coutinho1916Lived in Connolina Milhawse, Salsette, Goa