We have so far registered 68,189 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham JacobsenFebruary 2, 1898Born in Oslo
Adolf Bergan JacobsenJanuary 8, 1917Born in Sandefjord
Adolf Sofus JacobsenNovember 20, 1900Born in Stokke
Aksel Herbert JacobsenJune 9, 1910Born in Oslo
Albert Løwe JacobsenJuly 18, 1909Born in Oslo
Alf JacobsenMarch 25, 1913Born in Larvik
Alf JacobsenJune 2, 1919Born in Larvik
Alf Buen JacobsenJanuary 4, 1914Born in Brunlanes
Alfred Alexander JacobsenJuly 21, 1911Born in Bergen
Andor Fredrik JacobsenSeptember 24, 1907Born in Selje, Nordfjord
Anfelt JacobsenJuly 10, 1898Born in Gildeskål
Anker JacobsenNovember 14, 1914Born in Sandar
Arne JacobsenOctober 14, 1897Born in Stokke
Arne Heggelund Meier JacobsenJune 16, 1918Born in Lenvik
Arne Johan JacobsenOctober 1, 1906Born in Ankenes, Narvik
Arne Nikolai JacobsenJune 24, 1920Born in Hammerfest
Arthur Eugen JacobsenMarch 3, 1883Born in Hisøy
Arthur Hagbart JacobsenAugust 7, 1892Born in Drammen
Asbjørn JacobsenOctober 25, 1906Born in Sem
Asbjørn Tønder JacobsenFebruary 4, 1916Born in Bjørn i Helgeland
Aton Marcelius JacobsenJuly 28, 1893Born in Stavanger
Barth Angell JacobsenJune 2, 1898Lived in Tønsberg
Bertrand Høye JacobsenSeptember 24, 1898Born in Haugesund
Bjarne Edsberg JacobsenJanuary 4, 1919Born in Kongsvinger
Bjarne Frank JacobsenDecember 27, 1922Born in Tønsberg