We have so far registered 68,228 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham JacobsenFebruary 2, 1898Born in Oslo
Aksel Herbert JacobsenJune 9, 1910Born in Oslo
Anfelt JacobsenJuly 10, 1898Born in Gildeskål
Christian Adolf JacobsenJanuary 21, 1903Born in Jeløy
Erling Andreas JacobsenJuly 1, 1903Born in Bodin
Erling Jacob JacobsenApril 1, 1895Born in Bodø
Hjalmar William JacobsenJanuary 25, 1904Born in Moss
Jacob JacobsenApril 7, 1904Born in Oslo
Jacob Olai JacobsenSeptember 1, 1916Born in Kristiansund
Jens JacobsenMarch 17, 1922Born in Oslo
John Gunnar JacobsenSeptember 9, 1913Born in Aker
Jørgen Alfred JacobsenSeptember 21, 1895Born in Skåre
Leif Spirdal JacobsenJuly 9, 1914Born in Kristiansund N
Per Eugen JacobsenNovember 21, 1919Born in Oslo
Rolf Gunnar JacobsenFebruary 21, 1921Born in Porsgrunn
Thomas Alfred JacobsenAugust 8, 1909Born in Haugesund
Thorbjørn JacobsenFebruary 27, 1916Born in Oslo
Wilhelm JacobsenOctober 31, 1888Born in Oslo
William JacobsenJuly 15, 1891Lived in Oslo
Max Bruno JahnJuly 9, 1894Born in Oslo
Erling Norman JahnsenMarch 26, 1904Born in Oslo
Robert JahnsenOctober 31, 1893
Ernst Håkon JahrJune 30, 1911Born in Laudal
Anton JakobsenJuly 15, 1883Born in Stavanger
Kaare JamvoldApril 17, 1913Born in Oslo