We have so far registered 58,307 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Harry Mikal PartenOctober 6, 1921Born in Ibestad
Alfred Julius PaulsenApril 7, 1912Born in Vågan
Arne Øystein PaulsenFebruary 7, 1909Born in Trondenes
Fridtjof PaulsenJanuary 27, 1922Born in Dyrøy
Johan PaulsenDecember 8, 1912Born in Tromsø
Karl Normann PaulsenMarch 23, 1919Born in Tromsø
Leonard Meyer PaulsenApril 18, 1912Born in Finnsnes
Leonhard M. PaulsenDecember 24, 1898Born in Narvik
Peder Marinius PaulsenDecember 23, 1919Born in Salangen
Adolf Peder PedersenJune 13, 1907Born in Tromsø
Alf Aune PedersenSeptember 3, 1918Born in Tromsø
Alfred Sverre PedersenMay 10, 1912Born in Balsfjord
Arne S. PedersenDecember 29, 1913Born in Tromsø
Bjarne PedersenApril 10, 1913Born in Tromsø
Hans Wilhelm Pedersen1919Born in Ullsfjord
Harald Elias Bernhoff PedersenJanuary 24, 1902Born in Tromsø
Henrik Peder N. PedersenAugust 3, 1902Born in Lakselvbukt
Hjalmar Erling PedersenApril 22, 1917Born in Storsteinnes
Ingolf PedersenAugust 7, 1916Born in Tromsøysund
Johan PedersenBorn in Tromsø
Johan Leonard PedersenDecember 8, 1918Born in Tromsø
Kåre William PedersenMay 8, 1919Born in Harstad
Leif Ingolf PedersenFebruary 8, 1919Born in Ulsfjord
Magnar Evald PedersenAugust 30, 1919Born in Ullsfjord
Magnar Odin Hartløv PedersenDecember 28, 1916Born in Harstad