We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

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NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Walter AbrahamsOctober 3, 1923Born in Sydney, N.S.W. Australia
Robert McGregor AckersFebruary 26, 1905Born in Liverpool
Walter L. AckroydAugust 1, 1911Born in Newcastle N.S.W. Australia
Cyril William AdamsApril 4, 1920Born in Sommerville, Victoria, Australia
Edward AdamsMarch 31, 1920Born in Adelaide, South Australia
Bruce AddisonMarch 21, 1926Born in Leongatha
Bert AlberryDecember 20, 1922Lived in 45 Cliri Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Ronald AlfordMarch 3, 1927Born in Sunshine, Melbourne, Vic. Australia
William AllanJuly 31, 1910Born in Ballerat, Victoria, Autralia
Albert W. AllenFebruary 23, 1926Lived in 108 Hampton Rd. S. Freemantle, Australia
Geoffrey Albert AllenJuly 2, 1925Born in Windsor, Australia
William John AllenJuly 31, 1910Born in Bellarat, Australia
Peter AllisonOctober 7, 1921Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Nils H. AndersenMarch 26, 1903Born in Port Pirie, Sør Australia
Alexander AndersonDecember 24, 1924Born in Shanghai
David AndersonJune 26, 1922Born in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
Douglas AndersonMarch 1, 1925Born in Buntesland, Australia
Patrick F. AndersonMarch 11, 1925Born in Sydney, NSW. Austalia
Thomas AndrewsDecember 18, 1914Born in Perth, Australia
Clarence AnnetsMarch 26, 1926Born in Sydney, Australia
Richard ApperlyMay 27, 1925Born in Sydney, Australia
Ronald AppsApril 25, 1925Born in Cairns, Australia
Ernest Henry ArberyOctober 3, 1924Born in Brisbane, Australia
Keith ArblasterApril 19, 1925Born in Melbourne, Australia
Leon J. T. ArmstrongJune 24, 1926Born in Melbourne, Australia