We have so far registered 68,117 seafarers

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Participated in war

Relevant to county

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Phillip CaddickAugust 3, 1921Born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Charles William Cadham (Codham)January 17, 1920Born in Tenby Bay, Ontario
Jock CaeserLived in Newfoundland
Charles M. CaldwellAugust 4, 1908Born in Prince Stuart, Canada
John C. CaldwellJuly 24, 1922Born in Owensound, Canada
John CameronNovember 9, 1925Born in Sydney Nova Scotia
Ray Carlton CameronApril 28, 1926Born in Lindsay, Ont., Canada
Stuart Colin CameronApril 19, 1914Born in Glengary Ont.
Charles CamiesSeptember 17, 1895Born in McLeod, Alberta, Canada
Carson CampbellMarch 29, 1921Lived in 164 Guy Str., Cape Breton, Sydney Mines, N.S., Canada
Charles Tupper CampbellAugust 17, 1926
Donald CampbellJanuary 13, 1923Lived in 919 E 39 Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Lorne M.T. CampbellMarch 26, 1926Born in Toronto, Canada
Robert J. CampbellJanuary 19, 1914Born in Winnipeg, Canada
Frank CampellJune 24, 1909Born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Marcel Canture (Conture, Couture)May 29, 1921Born in Montreal
Fred Capas (Copas)November 13, 1922Born in Victoria, B. C. Canada
Todhunter(Thomas?) CarewOctober 9, 1927Born in Onemee, Ontario, Canada
George Henry CareyNovember 22, 1924Born in Halifax. Canada
William CareyMay 3, 1927Born in Oshawa, Ontario
Richard William (Wilhelm) Carlson (Charlson)February 2, 1923Born in Peers Alta, Canada
John W. Carman
Joseph CarnegieAugust 18, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Douglas F. CarrDecember 2, 1922Born in Port Carling, Canada
Ranald CarriganMay 13, 1927Born in Westfall