We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Jock CaeserLived in Newfoundland
Phillip CairnesApril 12, 1916Born in Ipswich, England
Robert CairnsLived in 14 Arthue str. Edinburg 8
Robert CameronLived in North Shields
Kenneth M. Campbell (Capbell)December 4, 1922Born in Darwen
Leonard George CannNovember 14, 1925Born in Liverpool
Carlo CapaldiJune 5, 1924Born in Bristol
Victor Arnold Carlson (Karlson)June 25, 1922Lived in Villa Frie, Lillehagan, Gøteborg
Tore Carlson1915
Carmel CarmelbiFebruary 4, 1898Born in Malta
Ebrahim Cassim
John ChadwickJanuary 9, 1924Born in Liverpool
Wen Wa Chai
Arthur Chambers
Chi Din Chan
Chi Dong Chan
Chai Sia Chang
Cheng Falt Chang
Chi ChangAugust 26, 1907Born in Chingwangtao
Ki Fong Chang
Veh Sing Chang
Yang Tse Chang
Yu Kau Chang
Kaum Chung Chan
Tin Ah ChanMarch 13, 1905Born in Shanghai