We have so far registered 68,117 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Halfdan JacobsenNovember 17, 1910Born in Whitefield
Harald Trygve JacobsenMay 18, 1901Born in Harstad
Magnus JacobsenNovember 14, 1889Born in Sandar
Oscar Sundt JacobsenFebruary 22, 1908
William Cann. JacobsenJune 8, 1908Born in Sydney, Canada
Edvin JahnsenMarch 28, 1891Born in Chicago
Hans Torleiv JakobsenApril 11, 1914Born in Farsund
Karl Leonard Jansen (Jensen)February 12, 1897Born in Rakkestad
Edvind Leonard JanssonJune 4, 1890Born in Halmstad
Tyko Einar JanssonApril 28, 1892Born in Stockholm
Peter JebsenMay 9, 1918Born in Oslo
John JenkinsMay 15, 1929Born in Cardiff
Svend JenkinsMarch 13, 1907Born in København
Arne Barland JensenJuly 25, 1903Born in Njurunda, Sverige
Johan JensenMay 13, 1905Born in Hals, Danmark
Rolf Normann JensenApril 30, 1898Lived in Cape Town, Bergen
Yngvar JensenMarch 7, 1921Lived in London
Edvard Martin JohannesenMarch 27, 1899Born in Bergen
Eugen JohannesenJuly 27, 1901Born in Oslo
Folke Hauger JohannesenDecember 2, 1913Born in Gøteborg
Sigurd Kirkebo JohannesenOctober 29, 1906Born in Bergen
Sophus Nicolai JohannesenJune 28, 1897Born in Bergen
Walter Gordon JohannesenDecember 14, 1914Born in Minnesota, USA
Augustin JohannessenAugust 28, 1888Lived in 5920 4th Ave Brooklyn
Birger Kornelius JohannessenJanuary 9, 1904Born in Brooklyn, USA