We have so far registered 68,139 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Carl-Andreas CarlsenJuly 28, 1894Born in Aker
Ragnar Thure CarlsonMarch 17, 1898Born in Norkjøping
Emil CaspersenOctober 13, 1892Born in Oslo
Emil ChristensenDecember 16, 1877Born in Nøtterø
Kristen ChristensenOctober 20, 1874Born in Nøtterøy
Nils ChristensenAugust 15, 1921Born in Høvik
Thore Ingolf ChristensenApril 28, 1924Born in Aker
Carsten Eugen ChristiansenSeptember 12, 1894Born in vestby
Christian Andreas ChristiansenMarch 1, 1921Born in Kråkstad
Eivind ChristiansenSeptember 9, 1897Born in Hurum
Karl Emil ChristiansenSeptember 23, 1888Born in Kristiansund
Conrad Michal CrøgerAugust 31, 1891Lived in Skedsmo