We have so far registered 68,244 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
August Kristen Edvard AckerOctober 20, 1917Born in Oslo
Alf AdamsenJanuary 22, 1917
Villy AdamssonMarch 15, 1920Born in Oslo
Mangfred Adelsten BjørloNovember 2, 1904Born in Oslo
Egil AmundsenMarch 18, 1924Born in Oslo
Torbjørn AmundsenApril 15, 1923Born in Oslo
Arne AndersenJune 16, 1917Born in Oslo
Gunnar Andersen BangsholmJuly 29, 1922Born in Oslo
Birger Magnus Kraft AndersenMarch 4, 1903Born in Oslo
Bjarne Olaf AndersenFebruary 19, 1893Born in Oslo
Erling R. AndersenOctober 27, 1904Born in Oslo
Fritz Reidar AndersenSeptember 19, 1905Born in Oslo
Hroar Birger AndersenNovember 2, 1914Born in Oslo
Hugo Alfred AndersenAugust 5, 1905Born in Oslo
Ingolf Pareli AndersenJuly 23, 1897Born in Flosta
Johannes Sigfred AndersenJuly 9, 1898Born in Oslo
John Einar AndersenJune 12, 1924Born in Oslo
Josef AndersenAugust 13, 1908Born in Oslo
Kåre Johannes AndersenFebruary 4, 1917Born in Oslo
Lars AndersenJuly 10, 1911Born in Stockholm
Ole Adelsten AndersenJune 18, 1889Born in Namsos
Kristian M. A. AndreassenJanuary 27, 1901Born in Oslo
Louis Olger AndreassenSeptember 12, 1895Lived in Slettebakk. Askim.
Aksel Anker AndresenMay 31, 1910Born in Oslo
Kjell Odvar AndresenJune 18, 1921Born in Oslo