We have so far registered 68,117 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Henry BacheJune 24, 1918Lived in Christies gt. 80, Oslo
Ole Jacob BachFebruary 26, 1919Born in Trondheim
Erling BagnøAugust 7, 1912Born in Oslo
Arne BagstevoldSeptember 9, 1912Born in Oslo
Asbjørn BakkeMay 8, 1911Born in South Shields, England
Birger Johan BakkeAugust 29, 1907Born in Oslo
Gunnar Wessel BakkeAugust 28, 1920Born in Oslo
Karl Magne BakkeJanuary 1, 1920Born in Oslo
Knut BakkeJanuary 6, 1910Born in Oslo
Gunnar BakkenNovember 14, 1915Lived in Oslo
John BakkenJune 12, 1892Born in Oslo
Olaf Andreas BakkenFebruary 10, 1921Born in Østre Aker
Otto Kristian Marius BaltzersenMay 17, 1898Born in Oslo
Trygve Bjarne BaltzersenJanuary 4, 1909Lived in Vallegt. 2IIB, Oslo
Alf Georg BangDecember 18, 1900Born in Helgeland
Reidar Bang-IversenJune 25, 1896Born in Oslo
Trygve Bernhard BangAugust 2, 1912Born in Kristiansund
Bjørn With BarrJuly 13, 1921Born in Trondheim
Arne BarstadMarch 22, 1920Born in Ålesund
Colbein A. BarstadOctober 6, 1918Born in Ålesund
Harald Magnus BarthSeptember 30, 1896Born in Larvik
Marius Hansen BartnesSeptember 18, 1895Born in Inderøy
Hjalmar BartolfJuly 24, 1886Born in Oslo
Roald BasteMarch 20, 1916Born in Oslo
Fredrik Smith BauerMarch 27, 1886Lived in Oslo