We have so far registered 68,210 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Oddvar Andreas Ramberg LundeSeptember 25, 1911Born in Eidanger
Olav Vidar RambergAugust 3, 1895Born in Eidanger
Ole Andreas Olsen RambergNovember 3, 1893Born in Skåtøy
Trygve RambergApril 12, 1905Born in Skåtøy, Kragerø
Hermann RammJune 6, 1919Born in Rjukan
Harald Georg RanchilSeptember 17, 1898Born in Kragerø
Arvid Eugen RasmussenMay 23, 1922Born in Skien
Oluf Thor RasmussenJuly 15, 1922Born in Skien
Reinhardt Laurentius RasmussenAugust 19, 1887Born in Skien
Sverre Andreas Rasmussen December 11, 1905Born in Skien
Eilert ReicheltMarch 3, 1916Born in Kragerø
Eirik ReicheltOctober 29, 1917Born in Kragerø
Gerhard ReicheltAugust 17, 1885Born in Kragerø
Halvard ReidarsenSeptember 26, 1922Born in Skien
Sverre ReidarsenOctober 12, 1919Born in Skien
Gunnar Andreas ReiulfsenNovember 13, 1913Born in Notodden
Rein RieberFebruary 11, 1917Born in Lundøy
Anders Kristian Roughtvedt RiegeJanuary 11, 1922Born in Porsgrunn
Kristian Roughtvedt RiegeDecember 27, 1891Born in Solum
Anker Hilmar RiisApril 2, 1915Born in Stathelle
Oddvar RiisFebruary 4, 1926Born in Solum
Olaf Rinde December 28, 1901Lived in Sannidal st. pr. Kragerø
Øystein RindeDecember 24, 1910Born in Brevik
Einar Rolf Mathisen RingdahlNovember 14, 1898Born in Sandar
Ole Kristian Markussen RingdahlJune 21, 1913Born in Sannidal