We have so far registered 68,134 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Herman CappelenAugust 31, 1906Born in Moss
Carl-Andreas CarlsenJuly 28, 1894Born in Aker
Erling Hjort CarlsenJuly 4, 1902Born in Sandefjord
Georg Forstrøm CarlsenJuly 3, 1909Born in Sem
Hans CarlsenJuly 17, 1902Born in Nøtterøy
Ivar Carlo CarlsenSeptember 9, 1919Born in Sandefjord
Johannes CarlsenOctober 1, 1881Born in Sandar
Sverre Johs. CarlsenSeptember 24, 1904Born in Tønsberg
Carl Clemtz CarlsundNovember 17, 1911Born in Sandefjord
Magne Gustav Georg CarmMarch 19, 1918Born in Nesna
Leif Dueholm CarstensenAugust 9, 1915Born in Porsgrunn
Juul Marcus CaspersenDecember 21, 1895Born in Tjølling
Oscar Karinius CaspersenOctober 19, 1895Born in Nøtterøy
Rolf CaspersenAugust 11, 1921Born in Tønsberg
Alf Christian ChristensenAugust 28, 1902Born in Tønsberg
Arne Skjelbred ChristensenMay 17, 1904Born in Sandar
Christen Fredrik ChristensenSeptember 19, 1911Lived in Jegersborggt, 27 a, Larvik
Christian ChristensenBorn in Sandar
Egil Frank ChristensenSeptember 26, 1914Born in Sem
Elna Marie ChristensenApril 11, 1893Born in Oslo
Gunnar Schrøder ChristensenJune 17, 1915Born in Stokke
Haakon ChristensenApril 1, 1903Lived in Strandgaten 5, Sandefjord
Karl Gustav ChristensenDecember 15, 1903Born in Tønsberg
Kristian Erling ChristensenJanuary 6, 1890Born in Tønsberg
Ole Eivind ChristensenMarch 23, 1911Born in Nøtterøy