We have so far registered 65,631 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Robert Isadore HabinicMay 2, 1921Born in Alvene, Canada
Andrew Habson (Hobson)January 30, 1924Born in Halifax, Canada
Leo HacheyJune 5, 1924Born in St. John, N. B.., Canada
William HaddockMarch 20, 1909Born in Birmingham, Canada
Josef HagartgJune 15, 1898Born in Halifax, Canada
Ove HaglundJanuary 9, 1915Born in Dahler, Canada
Oscar HagwoodNovember 14, 1905Born in Ofeary, Canada
Gerard A. HainaultNovember 11, 1916Born in Casselman, Ontario, Canada
James HainesDecember 16, 1928Born in Toronto, Canada
Sarkis HalagianNovember 5, 1925Born in St. Catherines, Canada
Robert Haldana (Haldane)June 30, 1925Born in Stratford, Toronto, Canada
Albert HallAugust 28, 1902Born in Humberstone, Ontario, Canada
Marvin Hallam (Mallan)February 16, 1919Born in West Summerland, Canada
James HallMarch 21, 1903Born in St. John, N.B., Canada
Richard HallFebruary 10, 1925Born in Banff
Merle HallydayOctober 27, 1923Born in Hillsburn, Canada
Martin Godfrey HalvorsenDecember 24, 1919Born in St. John N. B., Canada
Gordon HamiltonJanuary 13, 1929Born in Toronto, Canada
John HamiltonAugust 5, 1923Born in Mimico, Canada
Fred. HamptonMarch 21, 1920Born in Stallarton, Canada
John HanlonAugust 28, 1910Born in Montreal, Canada
Lloyd HanlonApril 13, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Alice Ethel House HansenApril 4, 1913Born in Vernon
Ferdinand HansenSeptember 29, 1922Born in Sydney, Canada
John Douglas Hansen