We have so far registered 62,723 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
J. F. PalgraveOctober 23, 1922Born in Birmingham, England
David PallettFebruary 13, 1923Born in Cambridge, England
Derwent A. PalmerApril 25, 1915Born in Hobart, Tasmania,
E. G. PalmerMay 11, 1922Born in South Wales, England
Frederick PalmerJanuary 1, 1917Born in London, England
George PalmerOctober 3, 1911Born in Achington, England
George PalmerJuly 7, 1916Born in Sheffield, England
Henry PalmerMarch 22, 1921Born in Hampstead, England
Costao PanteliMay 2, 1914Born in Kypros
Hector ParcellJanuary 29, 1918Born in Ipswich, England
Roney Stoke ParceNovember 21, 1911Born in Cheddar, England
Jack ParhemMarch 7, 1917Born in Taisbury Wilts, England
Arthur ParkerMay 30, 1917
Cyril E. ParkerMay 17, 1924Born in York, England
Harry ParkerDecember 28, 1920Born in Coventry, England
Joseph ParkerOctober 6, 1916Born in Cost Bridge, England
Ronald William ParkerMarch 23, 1925Born in London, England
Roy D. ParkerMay 16, 1924Born in York, England
Wilfred ParkerJanuary 5, 1911Born in Lingdale, England
Allen ParkinNovember 24, 1922Born in Doncaster, England
Jack Parking
Thomas ParkingtonJune 4, 1924Born in Manchester, England
Oswald M. Parkin
Thomas ParkinsonJune 30, 1922Born in Worksop, England