We have so far registered 61,154 seafarers

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Participated in war

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Henri PaquetteSeptember 12, 1922Born in Montreal, Canada
J. PaquetteMarch 23, 1920Born in Souris, Canada
Vincente PaquetteMarch 15, 1903Born in Montreal, Canada
Wilfred PaquetteJuly 29, 1927Born in Ontario, Canada
William PaquetteJanuary 20, 1924Born in Montreal, Canada
Wallace PardySeptember 19, 1919Born in New Foundland
Lucien Par`eAugust 22, 1901Born in Montreal, Canada
Charles ParentApril 8, 1915Born in Dorion, Canada
Colin ParfittBorn in Canada
Victor ParisiFebruary 24, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Christopher ParkenhamJuly 8, 1921Born in New York, USA
Joseph C. Parkent1915Born in Montreal, Canada
Gordon Frederick ParkerOctober 16, 1924Born in Long Branch, Canada
Albert ParkinMay 28, 1927Born in Oakville, Canada
Russel ParkOctober 23, 1918Born in Cannington, Canada
Sinclair ParksJune 9, 1922Born in Middelhave, Canada
Fredrick ParnellDecember 23, 1924Born in Toronto, Canada
Alvin Arthur W. ParrishJune 29, 1923Born in Woodrow, Canada
Charles William Parrish
Walter ParryApril 22, 1927Born in Unienvilles, Canada
Andrew ParsonsOctober 10, 1918Born in Corner Brook, New Foundland
Charles ParsonsFebruary 1, 1914Born in Flatrock, New Foundland
Harold ParsonsFebruary 1, 1919Born in Toronto, Canada
Leslie ParsonsApril 5, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Alfred PartridgeSeptember 17, 1921Born in Toronto, Canada