We have so far registered 65,269 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ban He Ah1914Born in Hainan
Bon Wee Ah1903Lived in Canton
Boo AhBorn in Foochow
Boon Lee Ah1904Born in Canton
Chai Tan AhBorn in Swatow
Chai Yu Ah
Cha Lim Ah1924Born in Tung Hu
Hai Ning AhBorn in Ningpo, Kina
Khong Ah
Guan Bak
Alung CalvinNovember 23, 1928Born in Trinidad
Tesh Kiers Ceng1899
Chai Chu ChaiBorn in Ningpo
Wen Wa Chai
Chee ChanDecember 4, 1912Born in Canton
Chen ChanLived in 222 str, East 29th, New York
Chen Chan1919Born in Canton
Chi Din Chan
Chi Dong Chan
Foo Siang Chan
Chai Sia Chang
Chan Chun Chang
Chang ChangLived in Shanghai
Cheng Falt Chang
Chen Shin ChangJune 2, 1901Born in Shantung