We have so far registered 66,234 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Mabaruckallee1898Lived in c/o Sollirgo Bari Th. Sundeep P.O., Charbaddo Vill. Niakhali, India
Abdool MaboodBorn in Chittagong
John MacAllarBorn in Colman, Canada
Giuseppe MacalusoAugust 20, 1911Born in Palermo
Alfred MacanleyAugust 14, 1892Lived in Kamloops, B.C. Halifax N.S., Canada
Amundo MacapagalJune 12, 1901Born in Irica
Louis Milton MacarioMarch 10, 1910Born in Curacao
Edward MacArthurFebruary 11, 1925Born in Stonehouse
Peter MacArthurOctober 4, 1921Born in Leeds, England
Kenneth MacAskillSeptember 23, 1917Lived in 624 2. Avenue, Verdun, Quebeck
Donald MacauleyAugust 25, 1911Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Alan MacbethDecember 13, 1925Born in leeds, U.K.
Bert MacCaulyJuly 1, 1909Born in Toronto, Canada
James MacCluskieAugust 14, 1924Lived in 45 Cockmuir, Belornock, Glasgow
Jame MacColeDecember 16, 1920Lived in Toronto, Canada
George MacCormaskJuly 15, 1920Born in Gorball
Robert MaccoyJune 9, 1920Born in Berbice, British Guyana
Isin MacCraineApril 4, 1925Born in Greenock
Ralph MacCurdy
Harry MacDermottSeptember 4, 1898Born in Belfast
John MacDoanaldApril 12, 1920Born in Canada
Andrew MacDonaldFebruary 18, 1911Born in London
Bernard MacDonaldDecember 17, 1912
Campell MacDonaldNovember 21, 1894Born in New Zealand
Charles MacDonaldJanuary 25, 1923Born in Chatham