We have so far registered 68,133 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Edvard Oliver OlafsenFebruary 25, 1915Born in Borge
Torstein OlafsenMarch 8, 1913Born in Vesterøy
Arthur Marius OlaisenJanuary 10, 1904Born in Moss
Ragnvald OlaisenNovember 12, 1905Born in Rygge
Arne Oliver OlaussenNovember 25, 1906Born in Onsøy, Fredrikstad
Karl Harry OlaussonNovember 3, 1920Born in Borge, Østfold
Anders Johannes OlavesenDecember 31, 1918Born in Onsøy
Hans Edvard OlavesenMay 24, 1910Born in Tune
Hans Marinius OlavesenMarch 13, 1894Born in Rygge
Josef Louis OlavesenJune 9, 1897Born in Tune
Karl Edvard OlavesenAugust 19, 1890Born in Borge i Østfold
Nils OlavesenFebruary 21, 1878Born in Onsøy
Ole Hartvig OlavesenJuly 4, 1893Born in Onsøy
Per OlavesenApril 23, 1924Born in Onsøy
Sigvart Olaves OlavesenAugust 10, 1908Born in Onsøy
Trygve Marentsius OlavesenNovember 10, 1897Born in Onsøy
Erling Marensius OliversenNovember 26, 1900Born in Onsøy
Aksel Bernhard OlsenAugust 24, 1886Born in Hvaler
Anders Olaves OlsenJanuary 4, 1911Born in Onsøy
Anton Marensius OlsenAugust 23, 1880Born in Onsøy
Arne OlsenDecember 21, 1922Born in Tønsberg
Arne OlsenMay 30, 1916Born in Onsøy
Arne OlsenAugust 31, 1915Born in Sarpsborg
Arne Martinius OlsenJune 25, 1908Born in Onsøy
Arnold Eugen OlsenJuly 6, 1915Born in Hvaler