We have so far registered 67,560 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kristian AmundsenNovember 15, 1898Born in Fredrikstad
Ludvik Efraim AmundsenSeptember 7, 1892Born in Fredrikstad
Alf Bernard AndersenDecember 3, 1905Born in Fredrikstad
Alf Kristoffer AndersenJuly 5, 1918Lived in Onsøy. Fredrikstad
Alf Olai AndersenOctober 25, 1914Born in Onsøy
Arnt Marensius AndersenJuly 4, 1893Born in Onsøy
Asbjørn Hendry AndersenNovember 12, 1913Born in Onsøy
Eugen Johannes AndersenJuly 3, 1910Born in Borge
Johan Kristian AndersenAugust 6, 1887Born in Onsøy
Johan Laurits AndersenMay 1, 1915Lived in Kirkøien, Hvaler
Kristian AndersenJuly 19, 1894Born in Tune
Kristian Oliver AndersenMarch 30, 1918Born in Kråkerøy
Olaus AndersenMay 5, 1881Born in Onsøy
Reidar Josef AndersenJanuary 25, 1907Born in Fredrikstad
Rolf Kristian AndersenJanuary 3, 1911Born in Moss
Sverre AndersenMay 19, 1921Born in Onsøy
Hjalmar AndreasenApril 7, 1882Born in Fredrikstad
Andreas AndreassenJanuary 10, 1895Born in Halden
Arnt AndreassenOctober 8, 1889Lived in Alfheimsgt. 2, Fredrikstad
Ivar AndreassenDecember 24, 1908Born in Hvaler
Ole Andreas AndreassenJuly 14, 1883Born in Halden
Sverre AndreassenFebruary 26, 1898Born in Fredrikstad
Aksel Martinius AndresenAugust 21, 1882Born in Hvaler
Aimar (Hauge) AntonsenMarch 6, 1888Born in Råde
Ivan Daniel AntonsenOctober 19, 1914Born in Raade