We have so far registered 59,845 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abraham AbrahamsenAugust 10, 1890Born in Solum
Albert Johannes AbrahamsenAugust 10, 1898Born in Eidanger
Arne AbrahamsenSeptember 20, 1913Born in Bamble
Arnt AbrahamsenMay 17, 1913Born in Skien
Borgar AbrahamsenAugust 11, 1915Born in Porsgrunn
Harry AbrahamsenOctober 11, 1909Born in Kragerø
Isak Marlov AbrahamsenSeptember 22, 1914Born in Eidanger
Johan AbrahamsenFebruary 7, 1887Born in Eidanger
Johan Anker AbrahamsenAugust 13, 1908Born in Skien
Paul AbrahamsenSeptember 10, 1910Born in Posrgrunn
Per Boye AbrahamsenJuly 10, 1926Born in Porsgrunn
Trygve Bang AbrahamsenJuly 20, 1914Born in Porsgrunn
Adolf AdolfsenJune 10, 1920Born in Skien
Ivar AkslingDecember 11, 1919Born in Porsgrunn
Arne AlfsenAugust 16, 1921Born in Skien
Arne Wærslev AlfsenMarch 4, 1924Born in Skien
Torleif AlfsenApril 9, 1923Born in Porsgrunn
Erling Kasper AmbroApril 17, 1897Born in Horten
Trygve William AmbrosiussenAugust 21, 1922Born in Horten
Alfred AmundsenApril 15, 1904Born in Brevik
Amund Rudolf AmundsenJune 6, 1916Born in Brevik
Anton Mandius Holt AmundsenMarch 21, 1910Born in Kragerø
Gunnar AmundsenAugust 30, 1924Born in Porsgrunn
Gunnar Borge AmundsenSeptember 3, 1921Born in Oslo
Harald Brøndsted AmundsenApril 11, 1906Born in Brevik