We have so far registered 68,258 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Olaf SamuelsenNovember 17, 1920Born in Oslo
Harry James SollieAugust 2, 1900Born in Oslo
Harald Nielsen StangebyeSeptember 28, 1906Born in Oslo
Kåre Asbjørn StrømSeptember 3, 1913Born in Lenvik
Pehr Wilhelm Nicolaus SundbladJune 18, 1899Born in Oslo
Gunnar Alfred SvendsenDecember 3, 1908Born in Oslo
Trygve Olaf SynnestvedtDecember 7, 1894Born in Oslo
Leif Larsen SæthreSeptember 26, 1897Born in Oslo
Erling Borge SørensenApril 21, 1904Born in Oslo