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Participated in war

Relevant to county

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
P. SherborneAugust 10, 1915Born in London, Ebgland
George SheritonJanuary 24, 1920Born in Southampton, England
Charles ShermanBorn in Leith, England
John SherwinAugust 1, 1921Born in Stafford, England
John SherwoodLived in 51 Gillian street, Norcester, England
H. Shields
Ronald ShiltonSeptember 3, 1915Born in Riding, England
Clifford J. ShipleeBorn in Ipswich, England
R. ShirleyJune 14, 1919Born in London, England
Ernest ShoneMay 11, 1923Born in Atherton, England
Francis Grant ShortMay 2, 1920Born in Liverpool, England
James ShortNovember 1, 1919Born in London, England
William H. ShortlandFebruary 15, 1921Born in Hull, England
Robert ShortJuly 7, 1909Born in Gateshead, England
John Leslie ShowlerNovember 1, 1911Born in London, England
Dick ShukerSeptember 16, 1924Born in Nottingham, England
John ShuttleworthMay 12, 1911Born in Fleetwood, England
William SilvesterNovember 17, 1908Born in London, England
Cyril N. SimmonsMay 6, 1908Born in England
William SimmsMarch 3, 1923Born in Winlation, England
Thomas Howard SimpkinJune 18, 1921Born in Walsall, England
Arthur L. SimpsonJuly 11, 1922Born in Shipley, England
Edwin SimpsonDecember 9, 1914Born in Leeds, England
Robert Henry SimpsonJune 24, 1922Born in Salford, England
D. SimsDecember 6, 1920Born in Nantyglo, England