We have so far registered 67,718 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Abasekali1912Born in Farora
Abdooramon AbassBorn in India
AbassatheBorn in India
A. W. AbbitLived in c/o Shippingmaster, Bombay
Jainal Abdin1922Born in Noorkali, India
Hamis AbdocLived in Shipping Office, Bombay
N. M. AbdomekhamBorn in India
AbdoolBorn in Alahabad, India
Esmail Abdool1907Born in Sholafur
O. AbdoolBorn in India
Essak AbdooramanLived in Bombay, India
M. AbdooramanBorn in India
Abdul1906Born in India
Abdul1877Born in Calcutta, India
Cader Sk. Ali AbdulBorn in India
Malaek AbdulBorn in Vil Svontsvpur, India
Mohamed Jag. AbdulLived in Shipping master, Bombay
Subhan AbdusBorn in Noakhali
Abedali1923Born in Mooshidabad, India
Mohiden Aboobakar
Ahmed Adam
Esmail Adam
Wali Addin (Walliuddin)
Isidorio Afonso
Mohamed AfsarLived in Shipping Office, Calcutta, India