We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Horace TaylorMarch 8, 1923Lived in 133, Regents Prk. Southampton
Paul TaylorNovember 18, 1911Born in Oslo
Lauritz TeffreAugust 28, 1889Born in Bergen
Einar TeienFebruary 20, 1897Born in Horten
Hans TeienNovember 4, 1915Born in Sandar
Lars TeienNovember 9, 1908Born in Sandefjord
Alfred Olav Dankert Teigen SandvikNovember 7, 1914Born in Selje
Peder Andreas TeistedalJanuary 24, 1919Born in Kvinesdal
Andreas Frank TellefsenOctober 7, 1899Born in Vestre Moland
Tellef Mykland TellefsenOctober 30, 1904Born in Øyestad
Sverre TerjesenSeptember 5, 1920Born in Østre Moland
Einar Konrad TerkelsenOctober 27, 1923Born in Fjære
Harry Olav Charles TerkelsenMay 15, 1917Born in Hommedal
Trygve TerkelsenAugust 30, 1907Born in Arendal
Malvin Bernhard TertnesJanuary 21, 1907Born in Bergen
Finn TessemJune 3, 1902Born in Steinkjer
Ah Hung Teu
Yu Chi Teze1914Born in Shanghai
Toralf ThauleMay 25, 1916Born in Stavanger
Asbjørn TheinMarch 23, 1895Born in Oslo
Theis TheisenApril 28, 1918Born in Lyngdal
Norner Bernhard Theodorsen ReiersenApril 2, 1899Born in Sveio
Einar Anker ThevikAugust 18, 1921Born in Trondheim
Martin Edvard ThevikSeptember 26, 1896Born in Aure
Erling ThillgrenJanuary 2, 1912Born in Hvaler