We have so far registered 68,133 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Fern Alberta Blodgett SundeJuly 6, 1918Born in Regina, Canada
G. Booker (Brooker)October 9, 1900Born in Guildford
Julie BouleyNovember 27, 1925Born in Belise
Maria B. N. BrasseauAugust 2, 1914Born in Canada
Barbara Lucy Briggs (Ulrichsen)March 26, 1922Born in Ontario, Canada
Caroline BrophyJanuary 26, 1919Born in Modesteo
Monica BrugeOctober 9, 1916Lived in c/o mrs. Hedley Jeff, Falcon Lodge, Sussex - Cooden
Lise Buhler
Rosemary Byrom (Byron)May 22, 1924Born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Ester CalotiusNovember 5, 1902Born in Finland
Esma Isobel CarlockBorn in Nedlands, Australia
Violet Carlson
Hazel Marie ChismJanuary 1, 1922Born in Hainsiville
Esther I Chrichton (Crichton)October 4, 1901Born in Woodville
Helene ChristensenApril 13, 1907Born in Brande
Helen B. ClairmontDecember 4, 1918
Goldea CookJanuary 10, 1920Born in London
Margaret CookNovember 23, 1916Born in Pennsylvania
Mary Emilia CottonSeptember 17, 1907Born in Canada
Francine CummingsNovember 6, 1909Born in Penn. USA
Constance Dian1921Born in Goa
Desire (Diane) Diane (Desire)April 29, 1926Born in Oran
Margrethe DicksonSeptember 28, 1918Born in Toronto
Esther DinkinJune 14, 1922Born in Chicago
Emelie DonworthNovember 20, 1906Born in England