We have so far registered 65,381 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Vernon BrinkFebruary 20, 1917Born in Port Elisabeth
S. F. BrownMarch 27, 1920Born in Johannesburg
Douglas B. BryceSeptember 6, 1921Born in Queenstown
Louis CagneyNovember 3, 1924Born in Johannesburg
Edward CaldwellFebruary 10, 1927Born in Natal, S.Afrika
Edward CapesJanuary 15, 1916Born in Cape Town, S.Afrika
William CapesMarch 26, 1908Born in Cape Town, S.Afrika
William CarlsenNovember 23, 1926Born in Cape Town
George CarrSeptember 11, 1908Lived in 9 City Central Blvd., Johannesburg, S.Afrika
Frank CasselJuly 22, 1917Lived in 1440 Foure St., Pretoria, S. Afrika
Bhekindhlela CawbaBorn in Umzinto
Abbo C. Chetty1899Born in Natal
Edward G. ChristensenAugust 16, 1917Lived in P.O. Selukwe, Southern Rhodesia
Edward ChristiansonLived in P.O. Selukwe, Southern Rhodesia
Alfred Lionel ClarkeMay 24, 1925Born in Chriton
George W. ClementsJuly 24, 1921
Malcolm Colison (Collison)April 9, 1925Born in Cape Town
George H. ConeApril 7, 1919Lived in 34 Third St. LaRochelle, Johannesburg
Frederick CoomberJuly 8, 1923Born in Cape Town
Frederick CooperFebruary 13, 1923Born in Umkomaas
Leslie CooperNovember 10, 1924Born in Durban
Henry CrookSeptember 25, 1924Born in Cape Town
James DaigLived in P.O.Elsburg via Germiston, South Africa
John C. DamandOctober 4, 1917Lived in Kimberley Str. 26, Cape Town
James DanielsJune 14, 1911Born in Johannesburg