We have so far registered 65,273 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Neel YanuacopoulosSeptember 24, 1920Born in Le Havre
Wang Hin YanBorn in Ningpo
Yee Yan1895
Alfred Le Roy YarboroughMarch 16, 1916Born in Seattle
Siu Ah YardBorn in Swatow
Bertram YarmerNovember 21, 1908Born in London
Dahlbow YasinAugust 15, 1905Born in Grebrud, Palestina
Arthur Raymond YateDecember 26, 1921Born in Kings Lynn
YatesApril 4, 1912Born in Cayman
Albert YatesAugust 29, 1924Born in Hull
Edvard YatesFebruary 8, 1926Born in Preston
Francis YatesMarch 9, 1925Lived in 16 Butleigh Road, Huyton, Liverpool
Henry YatesLived in New York
James YatesSeptember 3, 1919Born in Chelsea
John Arthur YatesOctober 26, 1926Born in Wigan
Kenneth YatesAugust 28, 1923Born in Toronto
Mervyn Francis YatesAugust 7, 1925Born in W. Australia
Robert YatesJanuary 31, 1923Born in Ontario
Walter YatesAugust 2, 1926Born in Sharpstone
William YatesNovember 6, 1920Born in Wolverhampton
Murray Yates (Yeates)September 4, 1927Born in Yarradal
Lee Yie Yat
Bow Sin YauBorn in Ningpo
Chan Yong YawOctober 17, 1914
Wong YawOctober 26, 1922