We have so far registered 66,146 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Chen Shin ChangJune 2, 1901Born in Shantung
Chi ChangAugust 26, 1907Born in Chingwangtao
Cecil Chang (Chong)April 13, 1915Born in Portland
Lee Ah Chang (Chong)Born in Kina
Ng Bok Chang (Chong)1918Born in Swatow
Han Chin ChangJune 16, 1921Born in Hopi Tai
Haong Ye Chang
Hsu Yeng ChangBorn in Shantung
Hu Chan(g)1911Born in Swatow
Jack Nung ChangAugust 6, 1901Born in Hong Kong
Ki Fong Chang
K. J. ChangSeptember 2, 1920Born in Shanghai
Lien Hop Chang
Lin Hop Chang
Low Wing ChangBorn in Shanghai
Ming Cheng ChangApril 1, 1910Born in Shantung
Ning Shung Chang
Oh ChangBorn in Hainan
Pow ChangBorn in Foochow
Pui ChangLived in "Cantonese"
Tin Jaon Chang1915Born in Kwangtung
Veh Sing Chang
Wo ChangBorn in Canton
Yang Tse Chang
Yee King Chang1913Born in Shanghai