We have so far registered 59,819 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Gho Dee Chong1915
Hau Ah Chong
Ho ChongLived in 154 Orcher St., New York
Kuo Ah ChongBorn in Shanghai
Ling Ah Chong1903Born in Shanghai
Lum Chong
Sze Sui Chong1901Born in Ningpo
Yip Chong
Wah Ting Chon
Chee Kwang Choo
Hian Tow Choo
Choo Kim ChoonBorn in Swatow
Goh Tye Choon
Jin Sai ChoonDecember 29, 1915Born in Hainan
Wong Shoong Choon
Oy Choo
Sang Choo
Chan Ah Chor
Lee Ming ChorOctober 27, 1917Born in Shanghai
Hee ChousLived in Shanghai
Ah Chow
Ah Chow1918Born in Foochow
Ah Kun Chow
Chan Tai Chow1894Born in Swatow
Cheng Yong Chow