We have so far registered 57,249 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ching Miao ChowLived in 134 - 7 Ave. NYC
Chong ChowSep 1906
Dong Ah Chow1909Born in Mooreo
Foo Chow
Foo Choo Chow1913Born in Hainan
Hand Chan Chow1910Born in Canton
Lean Chow
Lee Ah Chow1903Born in Swatow
Low Chow
Loy Chow1912Born in Canton
Ma ChowDecember 21, 1898
Mor Sin Chow
Ng Hing Chow
Wong Cho1895Born in Canton
Tan See Chow
Wang Fu Chow1907Born in Changyee
Yau ChowOctober 17, 1910Born in Canton
Yuen Fat Chow1906Born in Shanghai
Yung Chiao ChowFebruary 21, 1906Born in Chunkiang
Zav Chuen Chow
Chow Ping ChoyLived in Canton
Hiu Ah ChoyBorn in Canton
Hoo Ah Choy
Kong Foo Choy
Oh Choy1890Born in Canton