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Participated in war

Belongs to nationality

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Nazir AhmadBorn in Tipperah, India
Nazir Ahmad1921Born in Noakhali, India
Noor AhmadBorn in Calcutta, India
Nur Ahmad1915Born in India
Saleh AhmadBorn in India
Salley AhmadLived in P.O. Same Will, Bangerak, India (Vill-Bangura, TH. Boalkali. P.O.Boalkali)
Sayed Ahmad1919Born in Chittagong, India
Sultan AhmadLived in Fr. Somerudding, Noakhali, Th. Ramgunj, P.O. Panchgau, India / Turner, Morrison & Co. Calcutta, India
Ali AhmedLived in c/o Lahiri Bari, Th. Sundeep, P.O. Charbaddoville: Charbaddo Dt. Nokhali, India.
Faiz AhmedBorn in Chittagong, India
Migbul Ahmed
Monir Ahmed1920Born in Noorkhali, India
Nazir AhmedBorn in Calcutta, India
Nazir Ahmed1903Born in Noakhalu, India
Nazir Ahmed1894Born in Chittagong, India
Noor Ahmed
Syed (Abid) Ahmed (Syed)
Z. Ahmed
Ahma AhmodLived in Shipping Office Calcutta, India
Secunder Ahmode1920Born in Chittagong, India
Alle AkbarLived in c/o Noor Ahmad Foazir Bari, Chowdagaram Gunnakati
Akbarkhan1914Born in Calcutta, India
Ali Akeber (Akber, Akkaber)1896Born in Noakhali, India
Akloo1904Born in Visakapatnam, India
Bodial AlamBorn in Chittagong, India